Nearly 20 years ago, I bought my first real camera. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn how to make the images on film match the images that I see in my head when I find something I want to capture. I don’t always succeed, but I’m getting closer. This is a hobby for me, not a profession, but I put the same care into it as I do into the work that actually pays my bills.

I am here – wherever ‘here’ is on the Internet – to explore ways to improve my skills and to take the chance that someone else might come across my photos and think they’re nice. Along with my pictures, I like to write a little bit of what thoughts, memories, or imaginary snippets are evoked when I look at the images I’ve chosen to share. 

I don’t do studio work and don’t have any ‘pet subjects’, though I have noticed over the years that I tend to take pictures of details, little glimpses or portions of a whole scene that might otherwise go unnoticed if looking only from a wider perspective.  I’m also something of a dinosaur and still do mostly film. I do own a digital camera and have had some success in taking interesting photos with it, which I will post in addition to some shots I’ve taken with ‘guest cameras’.

There’s generally very little post-processing on the pictures. There is cropping, of course, and occasionally I will adjust the exposure or focus a bit or correct for some color fade, but otherwise the images are what came out of the camera, not out of the software.

2 comments on “Self-Portrait”

  1. An ongoing project… seems nice so far.
    I’ll be back.

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