The best one

For a long time, I was in a quandary. Nothing is as wonderful as the smell of lilacs in the air. I could spend my life with my nose buried in a bouquet of the delicate purple flowers and never get tired of the aroma. As lovely as the little flowers are, however, I was always attracted to the bold, bright, and proud presence of sunflowers. They are so cheerful and it’s impossible to ignore them and how they always make me smile. I love how un-delicate they are, but the lack of scent is disappointing. One day, not really knowing why I hadn’t figured it out sooner, it hit me: the daffodil. Its vibrant color, its upright stance, its intoxicating perfume, its gladness…I know the answer now.

2 comments on “The best one”

  1. Very nice. I love taking photos of flowers like this. I would really like to get together with you and Andrej and look at each other’s work.

    • Thanks. I like the close-up picture too – of flowers, of just about anything. I like seeing the textures.
      We should definitely have a little photo party! 🙂

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