The bridge will probably be gone soon. It’s getting old and tired. I drove to a vantage point and looked out over the arch, the water, the cars rushing over the span. I spent a lot of time traveling over that bridge. It was wonderful if I managed to be there just in time to see the setting sun reflecting in the water. Other times I became nervous when the wind blew straight into the cars, nudging us closer and closer to the edge. Whatever sort of bridge day it was, I always looked both ways as I drove over it. To my left, I saw the southbound counterpart – flat, uninspiring, and bare-headed. To my right, I saw calm water and tree-covered hills.

6 comments on “Crossing”

  1. I think bridges are such elegant photo subjects. I’ve enjoyed all of the other images you’ve posted here and like the bit of context provided by your writing. Lovely work.

    • Thanks so much, Keenie! It’s so much fun getting back into photography, especially since I’ve combined it with writing.

      You’ve got some amazing shots on Picasa.

      • Thanks Leonore! I used to try to do a photo of the day, but I set my camera down when I took a new job last spring. You should be an inspiration to me. Well, more accurately, you are an inspiration to me and I should act upon it.

  2. Ooh, I’m excited to see what you do when you pick the camera back up!

  3. Hi Leonore, not sure if you remember me. Thank you for the heads-up that this blog theme only allows for one image per page. Having resigned myself to that, I quite like it. Have personally crossed several bridges since we last talked – including a trip to Germany. Was suddenly inspired to see how your photo blog is coming along, and I have enjoyed my visit! This is probably my favourite image so far. Must run, I will ‘cross over’ to your blog again in the future. Looking forward to it. Have a wonderful day, Chris (from the “Komments by Kris” site)

    • Hi Chris! You’re right – once you get used to the format, it’s quite nice and highlights the pictures well. It’s actually given me more ideas about how to display printed photos as well.

      I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed the site and I look forward to following yours as well (your photos are lovely! Love the kitties, and the photos in the collage on the Testing page are stunning.)

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