Saint Patrick’s Day

It can’t be comfortable to have to squat on bare feet for so long. She seemed like she was waiting for someone to relieve her of her duties, but no one ever took any notice. She needed something to make her more visible so she could finally get the attention she deserved.

We put the hat on and it fit perfectly. She seemed to thank us and give a little sigh. There were certainly more looks from passers-by. How is it that a girl of stone looked more at home with an inappropriate hat on her head? Some began to think that she was no longer waiting, but posing, enjoying her place in the garden.

3 comments on “Saint Patrick’s Day”

  1. Hi there (again). I just read your most recently pressed post on ‘as a linguist’, and found myself at your ‘about’ page which directed me to this blog. Had to smile as I read your blurb. I studied linguistics about 100 years ago – well, perhaps not that long ago. But certainly a lifetime or two ago. Just loved it! I have never used any of my studies professionally, but on a volunteer basis. But enough about me – I just found it interesting to see similar interests, and that you have a photo-blog using the duotone theme.

    This is actually a question for assistance with this blog format. If you are unable to help, no worries. However, as a linguist, I thought you might have some patience for a stranger’s question 🙂

    I have a private blog using the duotone theme – private because I have not been able to make it work. One day I hope to make it available for public viewing. So, as a linguist, do you have any suggestions as to how to add images to the duotone blog? A bit of a joke there, but it is seriously a question for me. Technically I am not as skilled as I would like to be. I have tried adding a few photo images, and yet only one appears. It was a bit frustrating for awhile, and then I just gave up. Yet your blog(s) have inspired me to try it out once again.

    If you could provide some advice, I would appreciate it. That may not make much of an impact to you, but I truly would be very grateful. Feel free to comment on my ‘about’ page or even on my ‘photo page’ if you are able and would like to help. And if you are not able to help out, I understand. It was just a thought.

    Thanks again for providing some bright spots in the cyber world!


  2. Hi Leonore:

    Thanks for your quick reply and for the info and the WordPress support link. Much appreciated! I will look into that. What you say makes sense about the photo blog style. Good to know. I can now safely stop being frustrated 😀

    Kudos to you on your choice of Starbucks beverage as well. I might actually try it once with a shot of espresso, just to see what that is like. I also had noticed that we both had the same blog themes for our main blog and the photo blog. Even our writing styles seem to be quite similar. Some of your sentences flow just the way I would express them. Not so much creepy but another wonderful example of how great minds simply think alike after all 😀

    I have only been blogging for about four months, and am just learning the ropes. It is quite fun. Thanks again for your help. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to visiting from time to time in the future.

    Free the Bound Morphemes (a phrase I remember hearing as a joke from my first year of linguistics studies)! Happy blogging to you,

  3. Ah yes, the tragic Bound Morphemes, I remember that too 🙂 I think I might still have a paper that was circulating around the department, one that described not Government and Bonding (a la Chomsky) but the Dominance and Bondage theory of syntax. Linguists are goofy 🙂

    Good luck to you, and I look forward to checking out your blog as well!

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